Maarten Spruijt

Music from the Event Horizon

Featured Track

Sniper on the Second Floor

The world's leaders start arriving downtown. A single hitman hides in the shadows, waiting for his target. Security is on highest alert, but will they detect the threat in time?

Orchestral video:

  • Orchestral, Thriller
    May 2016
  • Composition & orchestration:
    Maarten Spruijt
  • Percussion programming:
    Maarten Spruijt
  • Performed by:
    Budapest Scoring Symphony Orchestra
  • Recording produced by:
  • Session Producer:
    David Christiansen
  • Conductor:
    Peter Pejtsik

About Maarten

Maarten is a composer based in The Netherlands. He is best known for his musical score for The Seven of Daran: The Battle of Pareo Rock, for which he received a Dutch Gouden Kalf nomination for Best Music. He also wrote the scores for a number of films based on the popular Carry Slee books, including Lover or Loser and Razend. [IMDb]

Maarten is also creative director of ProjectSAM Cinematic Sampling, which develops virtual instruments for the professional scoring industry. ProjectSAM's sounds are sold world-wide and can be heard in the biggest films, television shows and games.


A selection of Maarten's music:

Orchestral recording videos of Maarten's music:

A selection of videos featuring Maarten's music:


Back in the game!

I am proud to present Sniper on the Second Floor, an orchestral thriller cue featuring live orchestra and a barrage of additional percussion tracks. Enjoy! More music coming in the next few days!

A magical experience

Such a magical experience... 67 people playing all those notes you've worked on so hard! Especially when you're with the orchestra in the room – an opportunity I gladly took a number of times. Very happy! A special thank you to David Christiansen & Peter Pejtsik!

In Budapest for recordings

Exciting! I'm in Budapest this weekend to record new music with the Budapest Scoring Symphony Orchestra. You'll soon be able to listen and watch on this site. Very pretty city, by the way!

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